Monday, 17 March 2014

10 things

I have just watched old school movie "Ten things I hate about you" & thought I would randomly write ten things about me.
1.Collecting old school boardgames, y'know because everyone should have Inspector Gadget & Disney Tailspin. Vintage boardgame night anyone?
2. Wishing for some spare time for sewing. I actually cut out some things to sew, whether they actually get sewn is another story...
3.Feeling constantly tired.
4. Watching Madmen & Game of Thrones. So damn good!!!
5. Smiling at Kobe going on the potty, yay it f.i.n.a.l.l.y happened:)
6. Thinking that Luke is way overdue to cook dinner, while I kick back...
7. Recently enjoyed a dinner at Benny's with the gals.
8. Getting slightly addicted to Instagram. I joined a few weeks back, nothing like snooping into peoples lives via their carefully stylised photos.
9. Craving ice tea, so refreshing.
10. Looking forward to Easter, cant wait to do an Easter egg hunt for Kobe bear. Do you like my easter rabbits (ie. the bunnies photo header)?
How have you been?
Happy Monday friends!

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